If you have a PAYPAL account and you want to donate to the site, feel free to do so.  The Donate
Page here on my website contains items  from sites that do not have wish lists- or, if you would like
to donate a little money via paypal, click the "make a donation link" below the item.  Send a note with
the paypal payment telling me which item the donation was for- Thanks!
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If you would like to contribute to my props or wardrobe, consider buying something from one of my
wish lists below.  Many of the items will likely be used in a future video.  :-)
Here is the link to my Sally Beauty
Here is the link to my LATEX STORE Wishlist!
See something online that I need to add to my wishlist?  Check out the CAN/CANNOT section of this page then
contact me and I will add the item to this page!
Here is the link to my Twist My Rubber Arm
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