Q. None of the FAQs above were my question- Can I contact you?
A. Sure! Email me by clicking this blue envelope ->
Q. Where Do You Get Your Clothes And Boots?

A. There is a list on my Affiliate Page.  Some of the vendors on the affiliate page are ones I have not
actually bought from yet, but I try to do a BBB search for these sites to make sure they are good
people to deal with.
Most of my videos on my video pages have links to things I am wearing in the individual videos
Q. How did you get started in fetish modeling?
A. The answer to that question and more can be found HERE.
Q. Are you married/dating anyone?
A. I am in a committed relationship with my life partner of over 16 years.
Q. Why don't you do nudity?
A. It was an agreement I made with my life partner...unless they change their mind, I will honor that
agreement.  Plus, many of my affiliates have stipulations concerning that sort of thing.  For more
information on what types of videos I can and cannot do, or to submit an idea for a video, click
Q. Will your website be a 'Members Only' Paysite?
A. At this time it will NOT be a pay site....in the future, certain aspects will be.  I try to post one
or two free videos per week.  I will be relying mostly on donations.  There is a donations link on the
bottom of
this page.
Q. How many piercings do you have?
A. I currently have 33... 13 in each ear, one in my nose, one Monroe (upper lip), two in each eyebrow,
and one in my tongue. I do plan to get more, or maybe some micro-dermals, I will keep you posted.
Q: Something is wrong with the website, misspelling, broken link, etc-
A. Email the webmaster by clicking HERE.
Q. Help! Your Videos will not Load!

A. Most likely you need to install Shockwave Player.  You can download this HERE.

If that does not work, try installing Windows Media Player 9 or higher. You can get the latest version,
11, by clicking

You may want to try K-lite media player.  It is free and works with a wider variety of video formats
than windows media player, which is the default on most PCs.  You can get K-lite
HERE.  Some people
prefer VLC media player, which you can download

If you are using firefox, you probably need the plug-in- don't worry, it is safe and a very tiny file,
HERE to try that.  If you are using firefox 21 or later, this plug-in will be disabled by default-
type about:config into the address bar and change plugins.load_appdir_plugins from false to true.

If you are still having problems, feel free to
EMAIL THE WEBMASTER and he will try to help you out!
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