Mood rings
CRT Monitors
Vintage Board
Vintage PC
5 inch Captive
Bead earrings
3 Prong PC
Power Cord
Various Men's
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Thanks for checking out my ebay page- below are some examples of the types of things I usually
sell- if you are interested in an item that I do not currently have up for auction, feel free to
me so I can create a listing for you- I have mood rings, board games, men's button-up shirts,
vintage PC software, and vintage computer parts.  If you are looking for something not on this list,
ask, I just may have some hard-to-find treasure you are looking for!  
Contact me If you would like me to list any of the items above on ebay, or if you are looking for a
similar item....  Click the Ebay image below to go to my ALL current ebay listings.
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8 inch Captive
Bead Earrings