How it all began...
How it's going now....
Well as you can see, I have the website looking much better and have most of the
content I wanted on here. I am thankful to my wonderful affiliates and to Paul who
keeps me from most of my mistakes and to my long suffering friends who miss me with
the long hours I spend with my head in my laptop working!!
I am still taking requests and trying to get those done for you my awesome fans.... just
bear with me.
I have just finished the cover art for the DVD and hope to have it ready to go soon.
I have begun selling clothing on EBAY, and you can find a link to my
Ebay site by clicking
on Shopping. I will keep an up to date list of what's selling and what's coming up for
sale, and extra pictures of the items. I will also be selling items I have used in videos,
so if you're interested keep checking back!
I have included a
BANNER to link to my page....please feel free to use it and link back
to me!
I am interested in more affiliate programs, so if you want to participate, just send me
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I must be honest.... I was  not going to put pictures and video of myself on the internet.
No way. Didn't want the ridicule or nasty comments ruining my days. But my ever
persistent life partner would not give up on the idea of a plus size fetish site.... so after
6 years of pleading, I put some pictures on LiveJournal and waited for the barrage of
jeers and put downs.... but was surprised at the amount of support and requests for
more. OK.... I was wrong.... So I moved on to Myspace and Revver, and gained even
more support and encouragement.... enough that I shot my first video and posted it on
YouTube.  While I do get my share of nasty comments, usually from people who cannot
spell or have any imagination (it's totally silly to call me fat.... duh, I'm a BBW fetish
model).... I get way more positive ones and have made many new friends and fans than I
ever dreamed!  I have an ongoing list of video requests that grows daily- I work hard to
try to fulfill them all, I spend hours every weekend answering my mail (yes, I do read
them all and answer them myself), and approving comments and requests. I hope all my
current fans enjoy my website and look forward to making many new ones.  As always,
feel free to send me feedback and comments, after all.... I'm doing this for all of you as
much as myself.