This is a tricky question.  This website is not my full-time job, but I try to consider all reasonable video
requests-  I usually am a few weeks behind on requests, but I still take them, put them on a list, and eventually
get to them.  Some requests are easier to fulfill, some require extra preparation.  I try to do videos in the
order of the requests, but I also like trying my own ideas, too.  Also, if a ton of fans request something, I may
bump the more popular request ahead of the more obscure request.  I try to release one or two videos every
weekend, and I try to make a few videos extra so I will have something to release on weekends we do not get a
chance to film.  It is a delicate balance, but I do my best.  Please be patient!  A good way to keep up with my
video updates is to subscribe to my
YouTube Channel.  I try to post a YouTube- Friendly video every week.
(Often times the youtube video will be a shorter teaser of a full video n my website.)  
My videos are numbered-  if you notice I skip any numbers, the "missing" videos will be available exclusively on
my website. :-)
- Nudity- Like my tagline says- no nudity, no porn, just freaky fetish fun!
- Sex/porn- (See reasoning above.)
- Smoking videos- Sorry, I don't smoke.
- Guns- It is a policy of some of the vendors on my site that I agree not to make gun videos.
- Harming Animals- I get a video request from time to time that I kill bugs or other small creatures,  
While I am not a big fan of bugs, harming animals of ANY kind is not allowed by some of my vendors
or my webhosting provider.  I wouldn't harm animals anyway, animals are cool.  Except bugs.
- Dialog mentioning names of individuals or businesses that are not my affiliates- I do not want to be in a
situation where I have to decide whether or not to support a particular polarizing issue, or be in a situation where
I mention the name of an individual and it turns out it is a joke on them to get them in trouble.... That's right,
I'm on to you pranksters! :-)
- Fun fetish stuff: Pick out an outfit for me to wear.  You may want to check out the videos FetishKimmy's Tour
of Shoes,  FetishKimmy's Closet Part 1 and FetishKimmy's Closet Part 2 to get an idea of what I have.  Dress
me up like a Barbie Doll!  Some topics I have covered so far are as follows:

- Latex, Leather, PVC/VINYL
- High Heels, Thigh High Boots, Sandals
- Fishnets, Nylons,
- Balloons
- Rope Bondage/Ball Gags/Gas Masks
- Long Nails, Wild Colored Hair, Wild Colored Lipsticks
- Gloves
- Feet
- Piercings

If you have an idea for a topic not listed above, I may consider it- just check out the list below to make sure
your idea is not on my "CANNOT do" list....
So, you have a video request?  Great!  I'd love to hear your idea!  But, to avoid confusions,
please take moment to read the section below outlining what I CAN and CANNOT do.  
Any video ideas that are used by me will become property of, the video will be posted
publicly on the website.
OK, so now you have a general idea of what I CAN and CANNOT do-
If your video request includes a prop or article of clothing I don't currently own, check out my
and you can see if that item is available to purchase there.  If you would like me to add an item to a wish list,
please send me a link and I can choose whether or not to add it.  (If I cannot add an item, it is usually because
that item is not available in my size)
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