Spandex is a stretchy material that looks like latex, but is easier to wear and care for- It is not
quite at shiny as latex, but does not require shiner, it breathes better, and still can look and feel
skin-tight.  Do you have a favorite color or style for spandex?  Skirts, pants, gloves and much
more are available- even entire catsuits!  
I get most of my spandex clothing from Nastikittie, Milanoo, or Blackcornerstones - they make
custom sized PVC items including plus sizes- these vendors and others can be found on my
Do you have a suggestion for a Spandex video?  Contact me with your idea, I just may add it to my
to-do list for you!  Would you like to see me in Spandex of a color or style I do not already own?  
Check out my
Wish List  and consider making a donation!  Don't see what you like there?   Contact
me and send a link of what you like, I just might add it to my wish list!
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