There is just something about the look, feel, and smell of latex- it feels like a second skin!  Latex
takes a little more time and effort to deal with than leather, PVC, or spandex,  but it looks and
feels AMAZING!   This is probably my most requested category on my site. To learn about how to
care for latex, click
this link.
I get most of my latex clothing from LuxuryLatex, RubberSummer, or TheLatexStore.  There are
also products available from these vendors to make your latex shine and dressing aides- I really
like Pjur line of products as well as Vivishine and Vividress.  You can see my complete vendor list on
affiliates page.  
Do you have a suggestion for a Latex video?  Contact me with your idea, I just may add it to my
to-do list for you!  Would you like to see me in Latex of a color or style I do not already own?  
Check out my
Wish List  and consider making a donation!  Don't see what you like there?   Contact
me and send a link of what you like, I just might add it to my wish list!
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