High Heels, Boots, Ballet flats, Sandals and more- Which is your favorite?  So- why are high heels
so popular?  High heels make you look taller, make your legs look longer, tighten the calf muscles
and change your posture so your bottom and chest appear more pronounced- Wearing high heels will
definitely get you a lot of attention!  I think many boot fans like the association of boots to
dominance and power of costumed superheroines.  The sandals seem to be popular with foot fetish
Do you have a suggestion for a Footwear video?  Contact me with your idea, I just may add it to
my to-do list for you!  Would you like to see me in Footwear of a color or style I do not already
own?  Check out my
Wish List  and consider making a donation!  Don't see what you like there?   
Contact me and send a link of what you like, I just might add it to my wish list!
I buy most of my footwear from vendor such as AmIClubwear. All of these vendors and more can
be found on my
affilates page.      
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