Foot Fetishism is one of the more popular categories that I cover- some fans request for me to
have painted toenails, others like natural- I even have a few that prefer long toenails!- I have
some that like when I accessorize with toe rings or anklets.
I get most of my footcare supplies such as the bubbly footbath, at Sally Beauty Supply.  Sally's
also has a wide variety of nail polish colors.  The artificial nails can be found at dealextreme- all
of these vendors and more are on my
affiliate page link.  
Do you have a suggestion for a Feet video?  Contact me with your idea, I just may add it to my
to-do list for you!  Check out my
Wish List  and consider making a donation!  Don't see what you
like there?  
 Contact me and send a link of what you like, I just might add it to my wish list!
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