Zipper Leggings
Vest Shirt
Lg Sleeve Dress
Thanks so much for clicking on this page.  All funds that are donated will go towards web site cost
and fetishwear, any donation is appreciated! - No Donation is too small!  Click the link below if you
would like to make a donation via paypal.
Most of my vendors are on ebay, so sometimes I get lucky and win an accessory pretty cheap....
the prices change drastically but to get an idea, you can see some current "buy it now" pricing
examples of random items from luxury latex below....
For some items, they will give you a discount if you order more than one, and there are some bonus
items they will sometimes have available at a discount, like maybe if you order pants, you get
gloves at a special price, it varies depending if they are running a special or not.... I hope the
example prices
If you would prefer to make a donation in the form of clothing or accessories that are already
added to a wish list, click the link below.
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