Any video ideas that are used by me will become property of www.Fetishkimmy.com, the video will be posted
publicly on the website.

If your video request requires a prop or article of clothing I do not currently own, and you would like to purchase
that item for me, the section below explains the procedure required for me to receive that item.

Email Me a link to where the item can be purchased.  Hopefully, this will be from a site that features a wish
list.  If I am OK with the item, I will email you when I add the item to my wish list on my
Donations Page.  Many
basic items are available from many of my
affiliates, such as Amazon.com,  The Latex Store, or Sally Beauty

After I add item to my wish list, you will be able to buy the item, where it will be billed to you, but shipped to
me.  This helps keep everyone a little, more private- I cannot see your billing address, and you will not see my
mailing address.

If the item is from a site that does not feature a wish list, please
email me to make sure I am OK with the item,
and I will return your email to work out the details, probably something like
paypal reimbursement.

All items sent to me will become property of www.fetishkimmy.com.

Click HERE to see my current Amazon wish list

This is a tricky question.  I do not have internet access at home, and I only see the cameraman on weekends,
when we both also have other responsibilities to address.  I usually am a few weeks behind on requests, but I
still take them, put them on a list, and eventually get to them.  Some requests are easier to fulfill, some require
extra preparation.  I try to do videos in the order of the requests, but I also like trying my own ideas, too.  
Also, if a ton of fans request something, I may bump the more popular request ahead of the more obscure
request.  I try to release one or two videos every weekend, and I try to make a few videos extra so I will have
something to release on weekends we do not get a chance to film.  It is a delicate balance, but I do my best.  
Please be patient!  A good way to keep up with my video updates is to subscribe to my
YouTube Channel.    I try
to post a YouTube- Friendly video every week.  My videos are numbered-  if you notice I skip any numbers, the
"missing" videos will be on my website.

Sex, Nudity, or Violence- This is a fetish site, not a porn site- plus, many of my vendors have stipulations
concerning these areas anyway, and I don't want to lose their sponsorships.

Smoking videos- Sorry, I don't smoke.

Dialog mentioning names of individuals or businesses - I do not want to be in a situation where I have to decide
whether or not to support a particular polarizing issue, or be in a situation where I mention the name of an
individual and it turns out it is a joke on them to get them in trouble.... That's right, I'm on to you pranksters!
OK!  Ready to send me a video request?  Click Here to Email Kimmy.
Need to report a broken link or have a suggestion for the website?  Email the Webmaster -please put "Website
Issue" in the subject line.  

Do you have a question or comment for me?  Would you like to see me do a video just for you?  
Email Me
please put "Video Suggestion" in the subject line for video requests.  The types of things I can and cannot do are
outlined below:

Fun fetish stuff: Pick out an outfit for me to wear.  You may want to check out the videos FetishKimmy's Tour of
Shoes,  FetishKimmy's Closet Part 1 and FetishKimmy's Closet Part 2 to get an idea of what I have.  Dress me
up like a Barbie Doll!

Pick out a topic for me to explore- so far I have done Latex, Leather, PVC, Vinyl, Balloons/Looner,  Playing with
Hair, Thigh high boots, high heels, Foot fetish,  Rope Bondage, Ball Gags, Bit Gags, Gloves, Piercings, and
more....  If you want to suggest a new topic, I will consider it....